Timmering wines

“a professionally run Heathcote vineyard using state-of-the-art viticultural practices”

Timmering Vineyard is a large holding, situated with a north-easterly aspect on the famed Cambrian soil within the Heathcote GI

It produces a range of grapes for sale to winemakers as well as olive oil

Our history and vision

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The vineyard was acquired in 1999 with several additions over the years to bring the total holding to 750 acres, with 260 acres currently under vine. The balance of the land is used for tomato, canola and olive oil production.
The vineyard is owned and operated by the second and third generations of the Devine family who have been in viticulture for over 50 years.
We take enormous pride in our viticultural practices. The vineyard is managed by Kevin Murtagh who has over 30 years experience in the industry, working in Victoria and Southern Queensland.
In addition, we engage the services of Ben Rose of Performance Viticulture for viticultural support.
Kevin and Ben oversee the production of fruit to an extremely high standard using state-of-the-art viticultural practices.

The vineyard

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The majority of the Timmering Vineyard has been under vine for 20+ years.

What we currently produce

  • Shiraz (root stock PT23)
  • Sangiovese (H6V9)
  • Cabernet (125)
  • Virgin olive oil (available in sealed 20 litre containers for ease of transport)

There is a combination of grafted and own roots. The rootstocks are selected for the best match to the scion material and soils of the area.

We are currently planting to contract the following varieties:

  • Tempranillo
  • Fiano
  • Montepulciano
  • Grenache
  • Grenache Blanc

The planting areas are designed to produce an economic transportable crop of 30 ton.

Vineyard layout

Contract services

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In addition to the grapes currently produced, Timmering Wines is very interested in planting bespoke varieties to suit individual winemakers specific requirements. We’ve supplied many and varied different winemakers, many of whom have won awards at wine shows in Australia and overseas and we are happy to produce fruit that suits your needs.

If you are interested in discussing the potential to have fruit produced in the Heathcote GI to your specific requirements then please find our contact details here


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Timmering Wines is professionally run Heathcote vineyard operator using state of the art viticultural practices.
We take enormous pride in our viticultural skills and equipment. We have now established a vineyard management operation.
The range of services we can provide are set out in the document below as well as the costings.
We are very flexible in meeting our clients’ needs and will work with you to achieve your practice programs.
We have the capacity to undertake double shifts per day if that is suitable and necessary.
We welcome visits to our vineyard to view the standards we have achieved in our viticultural practices

If you are interested in discussing our management services then please find our contact details here



As primary producers we are aware of the impact of our operations on the environment.

With this in mind we installed a ground mounted solar installation as part of our irrigation system. It consists of 95 panels and an invertor. The result is we save 32 ton of green house gas emissions each year.

We also have state of the art moisture sensors to allow us to only use the water required for optimal growing conditions.